Welcome at SIMATH!

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The center of development and maintenance of SIMATH moved from Universität des Saarlandes to TMU (Tokyo Metropolitan University) in 2001 at the moment Prof. Zimmer, the founder, retired his job. We, the TMU team, made several improvements of SIMATH, including porting to 64 bit environment, in the year. However, we had lost the continued support contract with Siemens, the true stake holder, in 2003.

We have been trying to negotiate with Simens to make SIMATH open source with a suitable license so that anyone can continue developing SIMATH, but it regretfully seems hopeless. There is, therefore, no regal way for us to develop and maintain SIMATH. We have to admit that we will never update SIMATH, anymore. Only we can do is to continue to provide a mailing list to the user community.

We give thanks to everyone who used, contributed and loved SIMATH.

On the other hand, we are now developing a new system for number theory named NZMATH (new simath) instead under the BSD license. Please try it!


SIMATH is a computer algebra system, especially for number theoretic purpose.


The latest release is version 4.6.1.


We have set up a mailing list simath-user to discuss anything related to the number theoretic system SIMATH among the users of the system.

To get information on the mailing list, send an email to


including the line


in the message body. To join the mailing list


in its body instead of info. Then, we will register the sender address into the mailing list. (Messages from non-subscribers will be forwarded to the list, and the senders will be registered, anyway.)

If registration is completed, you will receive a mail with subject welcome to simath-user. Since the mail has also description how to unsubscribe from the mailing list, please keep it until the time you will decide to do so.



For more information about the algorithms in SIMATH, you can download the following articles: