Installation of NZMATH

Basic installation

To install NZMATH, you must have a Python 2.5 or a higher version installed in your computer. If you don't have a copy of Python, please install it first. Python is available from .

The next step is to download and extract the package. The tar.gz package can be downloaded from sourceforge or website. You can easily unzip this, depending on your OS. For systems with recent GNU tar, you can do it with a single command:

% tar xf NZMATH-*.*.*.tar.gz

where, % is the command line prompt. Please read *.*.* as the version number of which you downloaded the package. Or with standard tar, you can do it as:

% gzip -cd NZMATH-*.*.*.tar.gz | tar xf -

Then, you have a child directory named NZMATH-*.*.*.

The last step is to install NZMATH to the standard python path. Usually, this translates to writing files somewhere under /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib, and thus you have to have appropriate write permission. Typically, do as the following:

% cd NZMATH-*.*.*
% su
# python install

Advanced instalation

The default install prefix is the sys.prefix of your Python. Though it is appropriate for Python scripts, it may not be desired for data and manual html pages be installed into $prefix/nzmath and $prefix/doc/NZMATH-*.*.* (respectively). The ordinary path for such files on Linux is $prefix/share instead of $prefix, or $prefix/Data on Windows, etc. You can override the path through setup.cfg including something like this:


Package installations

These packages may be updated after our releases.


KNOPPIX/Math/2009 is shipped with NZMATH-0.91.0 installed.


SAGE also includes NZMATH.

Windows (32bit)

NZMATH packages for Windows has been released since version 0.90.0. Please download an installer(NZMATH-*.*.*.win32Install.exe) or a zipped binary file(NZMATH-*.*.*.zip) from sourceforge or website.

To install, decompress the zip file and see Basic installation with in it.

Or, perform the simple task described below(use installer):

  1. download .exe file.
  2. open it.
  3. on Windows Vista, UAC asks if you run the program. click "Allow".
  4. the setup window will open. follow the steps in the setup wizard.

The manuals are installed in prefix*1 \share\doc\NZMATH-*.*.*\manual.

Gentoo Linux


There is a private package for Gentoo Linux by Matsui Tetsushi. Put nzmath-0.5.1.ebuild into your overlay portage tree of category sci-mathematics.

Another way to download the ebuild is to use an overlay 'gentoojp' from Gentoo users group of Japan. He put the ebuild into the overlay, too. You can retrieve the overlay through layman (app-portage/layman).

Then emerge it as usual if you are of ~x86 user. Other arch user have to cast a spell on your /etc/portage or the ebuild. If you succeed to emerge on non-~x86 arch, please post a comment in nzmath page of ebuildjp site.

Mac OS X (Tiger)


A NZMATH 0.5.1 application binary for Mac OS X 10.4 / Intel NZMATH-20061231.tar.gz is contributed by Kishi Toshiharu. (For Mac OS X 10.4 / PPC, an application binary of 0.5.0 NZMATH-20060225.tar.gz is also contributed.) You can use it by following instruction:

  1. download it.
  2. expand it.
  3. move resulting to Application Folder.
  4. double click the

*1 prefix usually means C:\Python as default for Windows.