This is a released NZMATH manual for users. For information about current/release version, check here.

It is intended to be used as a reference manual. If you have a question, a claim, or whatever, please post it to the mailing list.

Please see FAQ for general information.

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There is a Tutorial, but it is not fully maintained.


algfield.py (E)
arith1.py (E)
arygcd.py (E)
bigrandom.py (E)
bigrange.py (E)
combinatorial.py (E)
compatibility.py (E)
config.py (E)
cubic_root.py (E)
ecpp.py (E)
elliptic.py (E)
equation.py (E), (J)
finitefield.py (E)
gcd.py (E)
group.py (E)
imaginary.py (E)
(integerResidueClass.py(E) is obsoleted)
lattice.py (E), (J)
matrix.py (E), (J)
multiplicative.py (E)
permute.py (E), (J)
polynomial.py (E), (J)
prime.py (E)
quad.py (E)
rational.py (E), (J)
(rationalFunction.py (E) is obsoleted)
real.py (E)
ring.py (E), (J)
round2.py (E)
squarefree.py (E)
vector.py (E), (J)
zassenhaus.py (E)


ecm (E)
find (E)
methods (E)
misc (E)
mpqs (E), (J)
util (E)


factor (E)
formalsum (E)
hensel (E)
multiutil (E)
multivar (E)
ratfunc (E)
ring (E)
termorder (E)
uniutil (E)
univar (E)

(E):English (J):Japanese