What's NZMATH?

NZMATH is a Python based number theory oriented calculation system. The centre of development in origin is Tokyo Metropolitan University. It is freely available and distributed under the BSD license.

Your feedbacks are always welcomed. Please consider to join the mailing list. If you find a bug, please report at sorceforge.net (NZMATH project page) tracker.

Please read README for more details.


You can download files from the download page, or via SourceForge. For installation instruction, see the install doc.


The PDF Document is available.

Old User Manual


NZMATH Version 1.2.0 and test (and Installer(32bit, 64bit), zipped files and test for Windows) have been released.
NZMATH Version 1.1.0 Installer for Windows 64bit Python have been released.
NZMATH Version 1.1.0 and test (and Installer, zipped files and test for Windows) have been released.


NZMATH development Group
Department of Mathematics and Information Sciences
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Minami-osawa 1-1
Hachioji, Tokyo

E-mail: nzmath-support (at) tnt.math.se.tmu.ac.jp

Telephone: +81 42 677 2463 or +81 42 677 2471

Fax: +81 42 677 2481

The NZMATH development Group can be also contacted by sending e-mail to the
mailing lists.

We are located on the sixth floor of the 8th Building in the Tokyo
Metropolitan University. Drop by room 666 if you want to visit in person.


Here are links to the papers and the presentations related to NZMATH.

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